iPhone 4 Comes to India Officially – Available Offers

Update : Indian iPhone 4’s are all factory unlocked confirmed. You can choose to get your sim from Aircel and Airtel or use your existing sim . There is no contract limitation on these phones .

iPhone 4 is finally launched in India . Two major service providers have announced the availability of iPhone 4 in their network [Airtel and Aircel] with attractive packages designed for Indian iPhone Fans. iPhone 4 will be available under a 24 month contract with subsidized monthly rates. We are yet to see if this will allow the phone to be used with the linked carrier only [factory locked] as in the US where the device is locked to the official carrier AT&T .

iphone 4 airtel aircel

iPhone 4 launch in India comes after almost a year of its International release and at the time iPhone 5 [4S] is about to be launched if we closely follow the product cycle of Apple .

Pricing :

iPhone 4 is available in both black and white models with 16GB and 32GB versions priced at Rs 34,500 and Rs 40,900 respectively . You have to buy the device from the carriers though their selected outlets in major cities .

Tariff and Data Plans :

iPhone 4 is being offered in both PrePaid and PostPaid data plans from both the carriers at competitive pricing . According to the providers you get 100% money back plans on selected packages in the form of cash back [talk value]. You have to choose from any of the 24 month package listed below



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Not to mention , if you own a iPhone 4 , you must jailbreak it. Read our How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 for more details about this topic . Not sure about Jailbreaking ? Check out our FAQ Section .

Update : Apple India is now showing where you can buy iPhone 4 in India with store locators for Airtel and Aircel .