Iphone 4 CDMA vs Iphone 4 GSM Difference

Since the only change made to the new Iphone 4 CDMA according to Apple Spokesperson Tim Cook is the CDMA architecture , most of the internal and external design remain untouched with no introduction of faster 4G[LTE] in the new phone.

verizon cdma iphone 4 at&t1. However we noticed few changes made to the antenna design of the iphone4 . The image posted on Verizon site indicated changes in the antenna design which caused the death grip problem on GSM iphone .

Below is the image of GSM iPhone 4 available through AT&T :

iphone 4 GSM

The new Iphone 4 CDMA has an additional break in top right of the antenna design and the left one has moved downward to maintain proportionate distance at all four corners . I hope this is a fix to the antenna-gate issues faced by Apple iPhone 4 users soon after its release worldwide .

iphone 4 verizon cdma

More images from gadget blog Engadget brings exact details of changed antenna design with exclusive pictures from the launch event.

iphone 4 cdma verizon antenna

2. The second difference is the built-in HotSpot on Verizon Iphone 4 that comes with iOS 4.2.5 release [specifically for the CDMA iphone 4 ].

verizon iphone 4 cdma

3. The third point of difference is in the technology used in making calls on both phones CDMA vs GSM . According to tech blog Mashable , Verizon iphone 4 is incapable of offering simultaneous voice and data .

4. Many users may not know that unlike GSM , CDMA phones do not require sim cards . So the new iphone 4 CDMA is sim-less with no option of changing the operator. All the features of the sim is integrated within the hardware of the phone. So there is no question of unlocking the phone for use with other operator. However we can still jailbreak it. Read more about Iphone 4 CDMA Jailbreak .

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