Iphone 4 Back Cover – Best Ever Metallic Finish

Are you bored with the same old look of your new iPhone 4 . Here are some accessories that you can add to change the looks of your iPhone 4. This is a $13.99 worth metallic Back cover for iPhone 4 . It comes with a smooth finish and changes the over all look of your phone.


Just unscrew the bottom of your iPhone 4, slide off the existing back, and slide in the new metallic back cover. You can buy the Metallic cover from CNN.CN . Please note that , this is not related to CNN the news channel.


To me the back cover looked a bit thicker than the original one . though it does not weigh much or add bulk to the iPhone.

One more addition to iPhone 4 accessories this week is an Iphone 4 bumper. Made with Aircraft grade aluminium , this iPhone 4 bumper is both sturdy and light. Available in various colours , Iphone 4 Vapor Case is available for 79$ a piece , now that’s not light on the pocket . I am looking for a Chinese alternative for this.


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