iPad Mini vs iPad 4 Difference

Are you looking to get an iPad ? With the release of the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini you might find yourself a bit confused over which model will best suit your needs.

iPad mini vs ipad 4

There are some essential questions to consider in this case including :

  1. Are you on a budget ?
  2. What are you planning on using the iPad for?
  3. Do you need something to fit into a small bag or handbag?
  4. Will you be doing a lot of typing?

The answers to these questions can really help you to work out which iPad would be best. If you are on a budget, or have been looking at similar 7-8 inch tablets then the iPad mini is definitely the best choice.

How will you use your iPad ?

  1. What is the main thing you will be using your iPad for ? Demonstrations ? Work or education purposes ? The iPad mini is perfect for palm-sized internet browsing for last-minute swot-ups for tests. However, if you are planning to use it for demonstrations to the public then the bigger screen of the iPad 4 would be better suited to your needs.
  2. Are you limited by size ? If you are carrying around a small handbag then the small, petite, iPad mini is definitely the choice for you.
  3. And will you be typing a lot ? Will you need a keyboard, or to use a mouse ? The iPad 4, again due to it’s bigger screen, will be better if you are planning on doubling your tablet up as a laptop.

What other key questions are you considering in the choice between iPad mini and iPad 4 ? Here is a quick run down of the key features of both models that will hopefully be helpful for those who are trying to make a decision between the two.

Display :

ipad mini vs ipad 4 screen size

The iPad 4 triumphs over the iPad mini in this case by having a Retina Display. Although this is not an essential for anyone the screen clarity and quality will definitely make a difference if you watch a lot of videos, edit a lot of photos or play a lot of games.

However, the small screen size will certainly appeal to some people who do not need the bulkiness of a normal sized iPad.

  • iPad mini : 7.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit, 1024×768 resolution with 163 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • iPad 4 : Retina display, 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit, 2048×1536 resolution with 264 pixels per inch (ppi)

Processor :

This is another win for the iPad 4 in the graphics stakes.

  • iPad mini: Dual Core A5 chip
  • iPad 4: Dual Core A6x chip with quad-core graphics

a5 vs a6x processor ipad

Camera and Video Recording :

Both cameras and video capture on both models have exactly the same specs and this is a major plus for the iPad mini as its small size means that it can be used as a camera much more easily than the iPad 4, which will be hindered by its bigger size.

Both iPad Mini and iPad 4 :

  • Front facing camera: 1.2MP photos, 720p HD video, FaceTime over Wi-Fi or a mobile network, Face detection and Backside illumination
  • Back facing camera : 5MP photos, Autofocus, Face detection, Backside illumination, Five-element lens, Hybrid IR filter and ƒ/2.4 aperture
  • Video recording: 1080 HD video recording, Tap to focus, Video stabilisation, Face detection and Backside illumination

WiFi and Cellular :

Both models are available with WiFi and LTE technology connectivity.

Battery :

Both iPads have up to ten hours battery life surfing the web on WiFi, watching video or listening to music. They have up to nine hours battery life surfing the web using a network connection.

Artificial Intelligence

Both iPad’s have Siri.

The last thing to discuss, and this is really where the two devices differ, and that’s price.

Price :

iPad MiniiPad 4
WiFi only: 

  • 16GB £269 /$329
  • 32GB £349 / $429
  • 64GB £429 / $529

WiFi and Cellular:

  • 16GB £369 / $459
  • 32GB £449 / $559
  • 64GB £529 / $659
WiFi only: 

  • 16GB £399 / $499
  • 32GB £479 / $599
  • 64GB £559 / $699

WiFi and Cellular:

  • 16GB £499 / $629
  • 32GB £579 / $729
  • 64GB £659 / $829

So after looking at this brief guide, which one will you choose ?