iPad Mini Powered Car Dashboard – GPS System

Soundwaves, a company based in Tampa, Florida, has installed an iPad mini into a brand new Toyota car. With cars becoming more and more technological with the inclusion of automatic parking, inbuilt GPS, sound systems, Bluetooth and iPhone integration it is not at all unfeasible that a port, as seen below in the video, specially designed for the iPad mini might become standard in a lot of cars. It could certainly replace any in-built GPS for sure, as there are TomTom apps on the App Store, free Google Maps apps or even (if you are feeling brave) Apple Maps.

ipad mini inside car navigation

As well as guiding you to your destination the iPad has music that can be integrated into a car’s sound system with ease. And with the iPad mini it is not just music and GPS that is offers. So many of the apps can be utilized for use when driving. Of course the usability far from stops there. If you are off to work you can slide it out and take it with you, give it to a back street driver to keep them quiet or put on a video and give it to the kids t them amused on a long drive.

YouTube Video :

The video is demonstrating with the WiFi only version of the iPad mini, but of course for optimal use the WiFi and Cellular version would be best, especially if it is being used as a navigation system.

If docks like these become mainstream in cars then Apple can expect their sales to rocket, because some people who might go out to buy a normal satnav, may decide to fork out the extra money and get something that does so much more than just guide them to their destination.