iPad Mini Jailbreak Under Progress

On the day of the iPhone 5’s release Grant Paul, a.k.a chpwn, posted a picture of a jailbroken iPhone 5 on his Twitter feed. This led to speculation that a jailbreak might be imminent. Unfortunately, apart from a tethered-boot jailbreak for A4 chip devices an untethered jailbreak for any device has not been forthcoming. This is due to the reason that the iPhone user would need an Apple developer account for the jailbreak to work. This is known as a failbreak. The failbreak is, in simple terms, a viewing platform for the security researchers and developers to look for exploits that can be used to create a safe and stable jailbreak for the public.

In an effort to keep the jailbreaking community’s spirits up renowned member of the Dev Team, MuscleNerd, posted a picture on his Twitter account of the newly released iPad Mini in failbreak mode.


As the release of the iPhone 5 failbreak picture was not then followed up with a jailbreak soon after it would be foolish to expect the iPad mini jailbreak to be coming anytime soon. This picture is meant to remind people that the hackers are still out there working away and trying to bring an untethered jailbreak to iPhone and iPad users as quickly as possible, but in another way it is also a reminder of what is not yet available to the public, and for people waiting to upgrade to iOS 6 this must be especially tantalising.

Planetbeing was able to progress further towards a releasable jailbreak by upgrading it with a kernel exploit allowing for tweaks to be installed and run on the iPhone 5 running iOS6. This, while a huge step in the right direction, is still not a public-friendly option as it still requires an Apple developer account.

So, this picture of a jailbroken iPad mini, whilst reminding us that the jailbreakers are still working quietly in the background, is not a promise of an imminent jailbreak.

If you are running iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1 on a pre-A5 chip device you can perform a tethered-boot jailbreak by following this link .