iPad Loosing market to Android Tablets – Report

The market for tablet devices didn’t really come into play until Apple launched their very first iPad in 2010. Now they are on their 4th generation and several other large companies have joined in the fight to give Apple some competition. In the last 2 years the market has been flooded with tablets of all makes, types and sizes but none were any real threat to Apple’s throne. Until now.

galaxy tab vs iPad 3

Recent figures are showing that the iPad is losing ground to Android powered tablets. The latest data shows that the iPad holds 55% of all tablets sold in the 3rd quarter of 2012. Not a bad figure on the face of it but this is a drop of 14% on the second quarter and is now at its lowest point since launch in 2010.  The 14% that Apple has lost has gone straight into the hands of Android tablet manufacturers. Split amongst the likes of Samsung, Amazon and Asus, over 44% of the Android devices are running on Google’s operating system.

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Whilst Apple acknowledged the Android devices they clearly didn’t expect them to be valid competition and may now suffer as a result of that.  However, with a 55% share, Apple are still at the top of the tree and don’t appear to be overly concerned about the loss of market share, probably because they are expecting the iPad Mini to make up for it. There are those who don’t believe that the iPad Mini has what it takes to deliver a message to the Android community but only time will tell that tale.  In the meantime Apple and the iPad still reign, if not supreme, but victory may still be theirs when the end of year results come out.

Source : CNET