iPad Battery Life Better than any other Tablet

Are you thinking about buying a new tablet and can’t decide which one to go for ? Well, if a long battery life is important to you then read this before you make a decision.  A Daily Tech blog from the United Kingdom carried out testing on a series of leading 10″ and 7″ models of tablets to see how long they would last being used for continual wi-fi browsing. All of the models were tested on exactly the same settings and under the same conditions to ensure consistency and the results make interesting reading.

Of all the 10″ models tested, bottom of the list was the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime running for just 335 minutes before giving up the ghost. The top 5 are as follows:

5.Microsoft Surface RT501 minutes
4.Samsung Galaxy Tab 2532 minutes
3.Sony Experia S534 minutes
2.Apple iPad 2590 minutes
1.Apple iPad Retina Display811 minutes

Tablets-battery-10 inch

For the 7″ tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 came in last at 425 minutes followed by the Amazon Kindle Fire. The top 3 :

3.Nexus 7550 minutes
2.Amazon Kindle Fire HD591 minutes
1.Apple iPad Mini783 minutes

Tablets-battery-7 inch

So, Apple only have themselves to compete against, beating their competition by more than 3 hours, meaning if you are on a long day out or a long journey the iPad will not let you down, whereas some of the others might.