iPad 4 Features – Whats New

Apple are promising any iPad 3 owner who bought their model in the last 30 days a completely free upgrade to the new iPad 4. This news is surprising, but not quite as surprising as what appears to be a complete purge of the iPad 3 from the Apple store online. Whether they will still be stocking them in their high street stores is unclear as of yet, and although they are still available from third-party stores and sellers the total absence of them from their website is quite a strong indication that they have been removed for good from Apple’s shelves.

Note for New iPad 3 Users : If you bought your iPad in the last 30 days , get a replacement from Apple for the new iPad 4 . More details here .

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All comparisons between of the iPad 4 are being made against the new mini version and the iPad 2 and is. This lends further wonder to the question of why the iPad 3 has been wiped from Apple’s website like a smear from a window. The problems with over-heating were well-known as were several other glitches with the product, but did they really warrant Apple’s denial of existence?

But enough psychoanalysing Apple’s motives and let’s move on to what is now the main comparison between the iPads; what’s new on the iPad 4 and how does it match up to the iPad 2?

Just having a quick scroll down on Apple’s iPad comparison page shows the viewer quite clearly that the iPad 4 is the superior model when compared to its older sibling, the iPad 2.

Storage and Price

The very first section is quite telling as the iPad 2 is only available for £329 (WiFi edition) or £429 (3G edition) in 16GB.

The iPad 4 is available in 16 GB – 64GB in both WiFi and Cellular models at prices ranging from £399 – £659.

With the inclusion of Retina display, the new A6x chip and the full HD video recording the price jump of £70 for a 16 GB WiFi model iPad 4 is not too steep when you consider what extras you are getting for your money.


The iPad 4 is only a tiny bit deeper and heavier than the iPad 2 weighing in at 1.44 pounds compared to the iPad 2’s 1.33 pounds (WiFi editions).

The depth is increased by .03 of an inch with the iPad 4 measuring 0.37-inches and the iPad 2 coming up at 0.34-inches.

This is such a minuscule difference that is would ever be the deciding factor between the two.


This is one of the biggest differences between the two models and the Retina display on the iPad 4 promises to deliver stunning imagery. This will certainly be the tipping factor for many people as the screen you are using is of vital importance and is the interactive part of the screen – people will want it to be a beautiful as possible.


a6x processor apple

Another huge factor in the iPad 4’s favour is the inclusion of the new A6x chip, which is offering twice the speed of the old A5 chip. People looking to use the iPad for personal and casual use might be less likely to be swayed by the new chip and may prefer the smaller price tag of the iPad 2, although anyone buying an iPad for heavy or professional use might prefer the updated graphics of the A6x and the knowledge that they have the highest processing power currently available on an iPad.

Camera and Video

A reason to choose the iPad 4, and coupled with the Retina display, which makes the new model ideal for photographers, is the improved camera and video recording on the iPad 4. With the iPad 2 offering VGA photos from the front camera and 920 x 720p from the back camera, it has no chance of competing with the iPad 4’s 5MP iSight camera and 1.2 MP FaceTime camera.

An obscure, but relevant selling point here is if the iPad is being used by travellers then the quality of the picture being sent and received over FaceTime to communicate with friends and loved ones back home will actually be very important.

Video capture on the iPad 2 is 720p HD recording while the iPad 4 has 1080 full HD recording capability.

ipad 4 wireless , lte

Another huge selling point for the iPad 4 is bound to be the LTE technology. LTE offers huge speed increases against the old 3G of the iPad 2, and is guaranteed to pull more and more customers especially as more networks start offering the service.


This will be the iPad 2’s main lure. All those docks and adapters you have at home? Yeah, they are not going to work with the sparkly new iPad 4. The iPad 2, however.

ipad 4 lightning connector


Both iPads offer the same battery life of up to 10 hours WiFi web surfing or 9 hours 3G/cellular internet usage.

Artificial Intelligence

iPad 4 has Siri, iPad 2 does not.

ipad 4 siri-

So hopefully, this has given you an overview of what is new on the iPad 4 compared to its main full-sized rival the iPad 2. Would you consider going back to the iPad 2, or is the iPad 4 too much of an attractive lure ?