Apple will replace your iPad 3 with New iPad 4 – If it is Less Than 30 Days Old

The event in San Jose, California gave people what they were expecting, the iPad Mini along with new Mac minis, iMacs and MacBooks. However, talk of an updated iPad 3 was bandied around playing with the idea that Apple might have changed the dock connector, fixed some bugs and generally just cleaned the third gen iPad up a little.

ipad 4

I don’t think anyone expected the iPad 4 to be announced. Outcry has been the general reaction with people complaining about their recently bought iPads now being deemed ‘obsolete’. Although this is a bit of an overreaction, anything you buy, no matter when you buy it, is guaranteed to end up as second best at some point, it is still highly surprising that a mere 8 months after the iPad 3, or ‘the new iPad’ was released we have already been given the next one. The new iPad 4 sports a new A6x chip, which is being heralded as twice as fast as the A5, as is the updated WiFi, a Lightening connector and a better camera, front and back.

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Apple are obviously aware of huge step they’ve taken, and the fact that could annoy a lot of people, and to keep the peace are offering a straight swap if you have an iPad 3 that was purchased within the last 30 days, although anyone who bought their new iPad 31 days ago must be frothing at the mouth round about now.

Apple haven’t released many details on the swap but it is worth phoning up your nearest Apple store to check whether they will be taking part in the process and when it will be available. Keep checking back because we will be posting new information on the swapping as soon as it is released.

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