Shatter and Limera1n Jailbreak Patched in iPad 2

Breaking News : Soon after Ipad 2 release last day [11th March] jailbreakers found that both Limera1n and Shatter Exploit fail to work on A5 Processor powered Ipad 2 . Muscle Nerd from Dev Team figured out that iPad 2 is running bootrom version iBoot-838.3 as compared to iBoot-574.4 in iPad 1st generation . Apple Engineers have patched the jailbreak holes long before they were discovered by iPhone Dev Team.

ipad 2 jailbreak

Below are the tweets from Dev Team Members [MuscleNerd and ih8sn0w] about their find :

ipad 2 jailbreak 4.3

limera1n jailbreak 4.3

Having the old exploit fixed , iPad 2 users have to wait for a second exploit to be discovered .

Shatter Exploit is a bootrom based exploit that can be patched only by hardware  modifications. Usually bootrom exploits are for life since Apple has no control over the hardware [iphone ipod ipad] your purchased , it can only release software patches through iOS upgrades .

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