iOS vs Android OS – Comparison [Updated]

Android is soon to be ported in Iphone 4 , as we published the report this morning . Here are some key features of Android OS comparing it with iOS 4 running on iPhone. Google has come a long way , and seems it’s now dominating the mobile world. With the latest high-end mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy , HTC Wildfire come powered with Android OS , the sales of Android phones has risen to over 500% this year according to report if I am not wrong. See the infographic here


iOS Compared to Android :

  1. Android is Open Source . iOS has left many people disappointed and disgruntled , who turn out to jailbreak their iPhone to get their favorite apps .
  2. 3rd party mobile manufacturers can put Android on their phone. iOS is just for Apple Devices .
  3. Those who used Windows Mobile are now moving to Android OS e.g. Dell Streak .
  4. Faulty Antenna Signal Meter on iPhone 4 iOS 4
  5. All the Android phones come with microSD expansion slots, and you can get an additional 32 Gigs of memory . Iphone gives no choice if you run out of memory .
  6. Apple’s FaceTime video calling works only via WiFi among compatible iOS devices [ipod touch 4 , next generation ipad 2G & Macbook ]. Android Phones dont have any restriction.
  7. For Flash based apps and games , Android is the most viable solution, as Apple’s iOS will not support Adobe’s technology.
  8. Iphone 4 Has the longest battery life compared to Android Phones.

Here is a comparison chart prepared by gadget blog Redmondpie :

iPhone4 vs Android_os