iOS Powered TV Sets from Apple coming in 2012

Apple branded smart TV’s are soon going to be a reality . Rumors are floating around that Apple may be secretly working on developing Television sets . Some report that Apple may launch these devices as early as year 2012 .

Apple HDTV

Wall Street Journal has already mentioned in their blog that Apple is working on new technology to deliver video to TV sets . Launching a subscription based service is also planned . If such a device comes into market , we can already expect that we can do more than just watch television programmes , movies and video on demand . An iOS based Apple Television will be able to play games, runs apps and do a lot more than you can possibly imagine .

Sources say that one of the main reasons for the delay in the launch of Apple Television has been the cost of flat panel displays . But with dropping prices in recent times , an Apple TV can be a reality very soon .

We think Apple can do the magic again which it did with the iPhone and iPad tablet .

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