iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Update

PPHelper was probably one of the most welcomed jailbreaks ever, being released after a long break, and it was jumped on eagerly by jailbreakers the world over. Unfortunately, it took just 2 weeks for the jailbreak to be patched when Apple released iOS 9.3.4 update as a security update and, we thought, that might have been the end of it. Because iOS 9.3.4 only contained a patch for the jailbreak, there was no need for anyone to update to it if they didn’t want to, which meant PPHelper was safe. Until now, iOS 9.3.5 download [ext link] has been released and that contains security patches for some serious issues that have come about through malware that can be silently installed on your iPhone and steal | intercept data and communications.

Image : iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak

ios 9.3.5 jailbreak iphone 4

Update to iOS 9.3.5 or Stick with PPHelper ?

That is something that only you can decide. If you value your jailbreak or the ability to jailbreak above all else, then you should stay on iOS 9.3.3 or lower. If you value security above everything else, then you need to update to iOS 9.3.5 [ext link]. And if you don’t jailbreak, never have and never will then you should definitely go ahead and update your device, using iTunes or directly on your iPhone or iPad using OTA [image below].

ios 9.3.5 ota ipad

If you went ahead and updated to iOS 9.3.4 when it was released, then you are out of luck for downgrading. iOS 9.3.3 is no longer being signed and the door is now shut. The Cupertino company does give us a couple of weeks in which to go backwards to an older firmware but once they stop signing it, there is no going back. In this scenario then, updating to iOS 9.3.5 is your best bet.

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Release Date :

At this moment in time, we really can’t answer that. Pangu is exploring the new release to see if Apple has left any exploits unpatched but, even if they find them, it doesn’t mean that they will use them for an iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak [ext link]. iOS 10 is in the final beta stages and is fast heading towards public release sometime in September 2016 and it could be that the team opts to hold on to any exploits they find for the next generation jailbreak rather than using them now.

Image : Cydia iOS 9.3.5

cydia ios 9.3.5 cydia

At this stage, we can only suggest that you retain your PPHelper jailbreak by not updating and stay up to date with all the latest developments on Cydia iOS 9.3.5 [ext link] by following us on Facebook. As soon as we hear any news. We’ll send the update straight to your inbox.