iOS 8 Wishlist – What Users Want

June 2nd sees the start of this years World Wide Developers Conference WWDC 2014 in San Francisco and top billing is likely to go to iOS 8 . As yet, nobody knows for sure what the new firmware is going to focus on this year although reports speculate that it will retain the same aesthetics as iOS 7 and focus on apps and performance.

Image : iOS 8 Features

ios 8  (1)

With news that a new app called HealthBook is likely to be introduced, along with an improved Maps app, better support for CarPlay and the introduction of iCloud apps, we thought we would look around and see what users are hoping to see on iOS 8.

The iOS 8 Wishlist :

Obviously, the following are not guaranteed to show up on iOS 8, these are just what current users would like to see:

  • A built-in file system with iCloud Auto-Sync features
  • Options to pick your own toggles for the control Center ios 7 control centre iphone 5
  • Weather information on the lock screen with the option to refresh
  • Share widget brought back with the option of displaying it in Control or Notification Center
  • Option to disable Parallax onlyios 7 motion sickness iphone 5
  • Option to enable hardware acceleration in apps
  • A My Documents folder where pictures, videos, PDF docs, etc., could be stored with another folder inside it for games
  • Power saving options ios 8 battery charge full
  • Ability to change default apps or use a different browser iphone 5s safari
  • Bring back full screen contact photo
  • More options for complete theming
  • BiteSMS-like features in Message app bite sms ios 7 jailbreak
  • Actionable notifications
  • Be able to pick up the iPhone and have time and notifications automatically displayed
  • Siri on device rather than relying on the cloud hey_siri_ios_8 (1)
  • Better distinction between upper and lower case keys on virtual keyboard
  • Better options for multitasking multi tasking ios 7
  • More unlock options, i.e. picture password
  • Air gestures waving off alarm iphone
  • Ability to customize the Control Center
  • More options for Control Center Toggles
  • More control over what shows up – and what doesn’t – in Notification Center
  • Airplay via Airdrop airplay ios 7 iphone 5c
  • Options to customise icon sizes, how many on the screen and an extra one in the dock.

Many of these are clearly taken from jailbreak tweaks and the list is by no means exhaustive. Tell us what you would like to see in iOS 8

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