iOS 8 to Offer Notification Centre Adjustments

With iOS 8 due to be announced on June 2nd, when Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco, it is inevitable that we will see more information, rumors and leaks in the coming weeks.

Image : Notification Centre iOS 7

notification centre ios 8 (1)

Recent rumors suggest that Messages and Notification Center are undergoing improvement for iOS 8. According to reports, the Missed section in the Notification Center is going to be removes and all notifications that are missed will be put in the All tab instead.

In Messages, users may be given the option of setting an auto delete on message threads, so that they disappear after a set period of time. This will free up storage space, with long message threads being one of the culprits of eating away at precious storage.

It is also reported that Apple are getting to grips, at long last, with improvements to inter-app sharing. This will mean that users will be able to share data between apps without having to keep going in and out of apps, i.e. a photo can be opened in Instagram or shared direct to Facebook.

Image : WWDC 2014

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This is being done by the development of an API that has apparently been in the works for the last couple of years. It was due to be launched with iOS at WWDC 2013 but, for reasons that were never publicized, Apple withdrew it.  That does mean, although reports say it will show up this year that Apple could withdraw it again.

Some other changes are reported to be the Game Center disappearing as a standalone app, with data appearing in-game instead, Voice Memo improvements and changes to CarPlay, apparently the addition of Wi-Fi network connection instead of USB.

ios 7 carplay ios 8

Is there anything you would particularly like to see in iOS 8 ?  Let us know in the comments box below.

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