iOS 8 Beta Screenshots Leaked

In the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of information floating around about iOS 8, including recent reports that testing is being significantly increased in readiness for WWDC. Today, there are images doing the rounds showing an iPhone 5S apparently running on a beta version of the new firmware.

Image : iOS 8 Screenshots

ios 8 download iphone 5s

While we could be completely wrong, it is probably quite fair to say that these are fake images. iOS 8 is not set to look much different from iOS 7 with Apple concentrating on new features and services this time around.

As well as a dedicated health and Fitness app, HealthBook, iTunes is looking set to get its own icon instead of being a part of the Music app. The maps app is getting an overhaul and Mac apps, TextEdit and Preview are set to be given iOS support.

Image : Healthbook

ios 8 healthbook iphone 6  (2)

To be fair, there haven’t been any really shots of the new firmware in action. While it is being tested, there are a couple of months to go before anything definite is revealed so it seems a little odd that these images would appear now. Despite the fact that we can’t authenticate them, they do seem to back up the reports about iOS 8 though.

The HealthBook app is set to be the biggest new feature on iOS 8, giving Apple an “in” to one of the most lucrative markets around at the moment. Health and fitness is big business right now and the introduction of this app has been accompanied by rumors that it will be linked very heavily to the iWatch.

The iWatch is also rumored to be releasing later on this year and will also be running iOS 8.

What are your thoughts on these iOS 8 images ? Real or Fake ?

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