iOS 7 Notification Center Concept

iOS  has been out for a while now and there’s a good chance that iOS 6.1 is close to being released. However, there are some that are thinking about the future of iOS, in particular, version 7, especially as there haven’t been many changes over the last few versions. Many believer that its time for a complete overhaul and a facelift.  BlogB13 is an avid YouTube’r and a designer and he has made his own video concept of what he believes the Notification Centre should look like in iOS 7.

His video depicts a Notification Centre that is simple, with icons that, when tapped on, reveal all Notifications related to it, in one place. You would then be given a choice of actions for each one, either delete, ignore, respond, etc.  He also includes something that is long overdue in iOS – the addition of third-party widgets. Although Apple included a couple of stock ones with iOS 5, since then its been down to the jailbreaking community to develop them, as Apple didn’t leave the door open for developers. Several third-party widgets have been included with his concept, including Twitter and Instagram, both of which are depicted as working properly.

As a rule of thumb Apple tend to announce major upgrades at the Worldwide Developers Conference, held in June. While that is not too long to wait, don’t expect any details to emerge before then. Instead, enjoy the concepts that are appearing and speculate on what you would like to see in a brand new iOS version.