iOS 7 LockScreen Concept

On the whole, Apple have made some pretty good advancements to their hardware and firmware over the years but there are some who feel that there is still room for improvement. In particular, we are talking about the lock screen. Whilst, with the addition of the slider it is slightly more functional than it used to be, it could still be used for more and, lets face it be made a little more interesting. With talks of iOS 7 being revealed sometime next year, the time is ripe for the concept designers to come out of the woodwork.

Brentcas have come up with a couple of concepts that would vastly improve both the aesthetics of the screen and provide useful benefits to the user. It’s a concept called Lock Screen Cards. It would be like a series of playing cards on your lock screen that you can flick through and each card would be connected to a specific app, such as weather or local time for example. You would be able to swipe through the cards to bring up the app you want and double-clicking the Home button would display more information about the app or, in the case of a media player, bring up the controls. The cards could be controlled on the same way that the other app icons are, i.e pressing on the card would make them dance around so you can delete or move them, and pressing on the Home key would take you straight back to the top card.

Brentcas have also come up with one or two other lock screen ideas that could prove useful.  At the moment, the app grabber only brings up the camera app but it could be used to link to other apps such as Facebook or Twitter so you can access your account at any time. The final idea is to have a system whereby app notifications are ranked as light, heavy and “temporary takeovers”. Light notifications would be associated with things such as games, heavy ones for more immediate attention such as phone calls and the temporary takeovers would be for things like mapping, whatever requires your immediate attention without any distractions – these would takeover your screen entirely.

So there you have it, what looks to be 3 very good ideas that Apple should maybe take  a look at and take note.  They are planing to introduce music controls to iOS 6.1 but this may not be enough for the people who want to see full usage made of what is otherwise a waste of space.

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