App Shortcuts on your iOS 7 Lock Screen – Concept

Most will agree that the iPhone’s lock screen could do with a bit of spicing up. Jailbreakers are constantly devising new tweaks to improve and enhance the phone’s functionality and now @Sentry_nc (think Auxo) has come up with a new concept for the pulley grabber on the iOS lock screen.  At the moment it can only be used for the camera app but it could be used for so much more.

This short video has been uploaded showing what could be done with the grabber. It would feature a row of icons, such as phone, messages, music or any other customizable app that you want to put on their. Simply dragging your finger along the row would bring up however many you have on there, select which one you want and swipe upwards and your information will show at the bottom of the screen, such as all your messages, or the music stored on the device.  This is similar to a feature on Androids Jelly Bean and it looks as though jailbreaker Rudolph Lichtner is already working on making this concept a reality.

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