iOS 7 First Look – Video

Arguably one of the best mobile operating systems in the market right now is Apple’s iOS.  However, it’s starting to get a bit stale; there have been no real changes to it over the last few versions and what is on there doesn’t seem to be finished. It’s almost like Apple have had an idea, incorporated in iOS but not been able to complete it.  However, things could be about to get a facelift with Jony Ive, Senior Vice President for Industrial Design taking over the reins as Human Interface Software team leader.

iOS 7 concept

We always get the rumblings of rumors when a new device or OS is due and, with iOS 6 already out its time to start looking at number 7. BlogB13 (check him out on YouTube videos below) has his own ideas about what iOS 7 should include and has revamped some of the key parts, such as the Notification Center, Social Hub and multitasking.

iOS 7 Concept Video 1 :

While the old Notification Centre is adequate for most people, this new concept changes everything. A simple swipe down will bring the dashboard into view with all your notifications in one place. If it’s an app notification the relevant tile will be there in plain view. To reply simply tap on the name or the app. Social tiles like Twitter and Facebook can be accessed with simple swipes and taps to reply and there’s an Instagram tile that included the information for each photo right there on the screen.

iOS 7 Concept Video 2 :

Multitasking has been made much easier, taking on a similar look to a jailbreak tweak by Aaron Ash. Again, simple swipes bring up a brand new tray, allow you to open and close apps, two at a time if you want.

Changes to the Social Hub would make communication much easier and less of a task. Profiles of each person would now show all their information, recent conversations with you, and a swipe down brings up a bar that allows you to text, call, send photos and access messaging via Facebook and Twitter, all in one place.

iOS 7 Concept Video 3 :

Take a look at BlogB13’s videos of each new concept and see what you think. If Apple takes notice they could make the next iOS 7 the top operating system to have, pushing all others to one side.