iOS 7 Beta 3 to Fix Battery Low Problem

Now that Beta 3 of iOS 7 has been released with iPad support, it’s time to start looking at some of the real issues that are being talked about. One of them, a subject close to the heart of every iOS device owner, is the issue of battery life and how it was affected by iOS 7 beta 2 earlier .


Each and every upgrade demands more performance from the battery. These are just some of the features and processes that will almost certainly have an effect on the battery life of your iOS device:

iOS 7 Features Affecting Battery Performance :

Background Tilt – this is constantly working to monitor the gyro in the device

  1. Clock – a real-time multifunctional clock
  2. More substantial camera and a few more camera features included
  3. Safari tabs have got enhanced graphics
  4. Multitasking


These are the ones you can see. There are so many processes going on in the background that it would be a surprise of the battery wasn’t affected in some way. Some testers are finding that theirs is OK while others say they have to charge their iPhones up much more frequently.

These are beta versions though and they are notorious for being buggy and full of issues. When iOS 7 is released in September it will be interesting to see if Apple has done anything to combat the problem.

Keep checking back for more up to date news and developments as they happen.

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