iOS 7 Alerts and User Interface – Concept

Its clear that iOS needs a bit of an overhaul. After all, its been around since 2007 and very little has changed on it in the way of design.  If you were in charge of designing the new iOS 7, the first place you should be looking is at some of the best jailbreak tweaks and thinking about incorporating them into the new design.  Let’s face it, there isn’t much that the jailbreak developers can’t get round and produce a tweak for.

Although many of the design features have stood teh test of time, one thing that does stand out is the notification and alerts features.  These are, at the moment a strange mix of iOS 4’s pop-up alert and the banner notification of iOS 5 with the user being able to choose which one they want in the notification centre. The banner system was introduced in iOS 5 as a less intrusive style of alerts and notifications.  However, both of these alert functions are rather outdated now, both visually and in style.

Sentry, the people behind the iOS App Switcher concept (which, incidentally is currently being made into a jailbreak tweak) have come up with a new design for these notifications and alerts.  They think it should be in a style that is closer in nature to the messaging and alert system on Facebook and Twitter.  At the moment on iOS, the pop-p style stays on-screen until you dismiss it and the banner style appears and then disappears. The new concept is much more streamlined and user-friendly – and it doesn’t interrupt whatever you are doing on your device when it pops up.

ios 7 alerts concept

ios 7 alerts concept

This new design would be in the form of a banner style alert, nice and slimline, appearing at the top of your screen like the old ones did.  However, unlike the previous version these would have a compose icon for messages and maybe a check box icon for reminders. Similar to Facebook, you would be able to action the alert or reply to a message simply by tapping on the icon and doing what has to be done, all without leaving the app you are on at the time or having to open up another one.

So that would take care of that side of things but what about the alerts that are not app-related?  The new design concept would allow for the alert, which is OS related rather that app, to simply open up on-screen. You tap the relevant button, the alert closes and you can get back to work, or your game without having to close everything down.

It wont be too long before the jailbreak developers are on to this one and it wouldn’t do the developer team over at Apple any harm to take a look either.