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Apple has released iOS 6 ipsw download for iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPod Touch 4 and iPad . iOS 6 gets new features like 3D maps , voice guided navigation , better Siri and much more . Read the complete list of features here . But before anything else , backup your iPhone first . Note : If you cannot see the update on your phone , wait for some time before it appears for your region .

Image : iOS 6

iPhone 4 iOS 6

How to Download iOS 6 on your iPhone :

There are three different ways of downloading and iOS firmware update . The methods for downloading are explained below .

  1. IPSW file download
  2. iTunes Download
  3. OTA – Over The Air update method (requires WiFi)

Method 1 : iOS 6 IPSW File Download

this method involves downloading the ipsw firmware file directly from Apple or 3rd party servers and install it using iTunes . This method is useful for those who don’t have faster Internet and cannot download the huge file on their computer . So you can download the file elsewhere , transfer it to your PC and the install it from there directly . You can also re-use the same iOS ipsw file several times on different machines and devices .

itunes ipsw download

  1. On your computer , download the raw firmware file in .ipsw format .
  2. Launch iTunes and connect your device with the USB cable
  3. Now select your device in the left hand corner and press SHIFT + Update button on iTunes
  4. Browse to the iOS 6 ipsw file downloaded in Step 1
  5. Itunes will now upgrade your iPhone’s firmware to new iOS 6

Download Links :

Method 2 : iTunes Download

In this method you directly download using Itunes without the ipsw files . Itunes detects your device and downloads the correct file . For this you have to follow the below mentioned  processes .

ios 6 download iphone 4s

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your device to the computer .
  2. Select your device in the  left hand panel
  3. How on top navigation bar select Help > Check for Updates itunes_update
  4. Itunes will connect to Apple Servers and download the file .

Method 3 : OTA – Over The Air Update

This is the fastest way to download any iOS update . Apple introduced this feature in iOS 5 .It downloads only the required updated file and hence smaller than large ipsw files . It Requires No Computer to install iOS 6 via OTA method .

download ios 6 OTA - over the air update

  1. Go to home-screen and Settings > General > Software update
  2. Make sure your device is connected to the internet via WiFi
  3. It will check for the latest update and show you when a download is available .
  4. The download will begin once initiated and the device will restart for the changes to take effect .

Useful Link : How to Jailbreak iOS 6

Want iOS 7 Download  ?

Also Looking to download and install iOS 7 . Here is your solution. iOS 7 brings loads of new features to your existing phone . It makes the device faster , more responsive , better user interface , more features for everyday use . You will like your iPhone even more after installing iOS 7 . We tested the beta and came to the conclusion that iOS 7 is the best thing that happened to Apple since the founder Sir. Steve Jobs passed away , keeping his legacy . Thanks to Jhony Ive , chief designer in Apple .

ios 7 ipsw download

Link : Download iOS 7

Get the latest iOS 7 ispw download for your iPhone , iPad Touch , iPad and iPad Mini. Also download firmware for Apple TV Jailbreak .



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