7 Lesser Known Tricks for iOS 6 Users

The release of iPhone 5 was followed by overwhelming comments showing dismay for the lack of a single “wow” feature in the new edition. However with time, Apple consumers who previously envied rival Android phones are now more than happy with their handsets (and thereby the OS ) offering stability, flexibility and immense control. iPhone 5 may only feature three rather obvious and expected hardware upgrades ( that are larger screen, 4G LTE and smaller dock), what lies at the heart is noteworthy; that is the all new, refined and neat iOS 6 , that has over 200 new features including Apple designed maps and Passbook. The post unveils some lesser known iO6 tricks that we discovered after hours of playing around our new device .

iphone 5 tips and tricks

Good or bad, Apple doesn’t introduce any radical changes to its latest OS rather tweaks it and adds new humble features like Do Not Disturb, Pull to Refresh in mail app,  revamped App store etc. Such popular features have been exploded from every angle on tech blogs. This post is different! This post introduces you to seven hidden (or for that matter not discussed) tricks you can accomplish with iOS 6 .

1. View & Edit Saved Drafts from Inbox

iPhone 5 ios 6

One simple but hidden feature of iOS 6 is that it lets you view and edit saved drafts directly from inbox. That means you won’t need to go back from inbox to Drafts folder to view and edit saved drafts. This feature is particularly very handy when you are in habit of repeatedly saving emails as drafts. To view and edit saved drafts from the inbox long press the “New Message” key; this will popup another window with a list of saved drafts, prompting you to either start writing a new message or resuming a previously saved draft for editing.

2 . Share link of your favorite app via Email, SMS or Copy Link to it

iOS 6 makes sharing even more easier. App store, the heart of iPhone has got a pleasant revamp and looks much similar to the App Store UI on iPad. With the new UI getting hands on hot favorite apps is a matter of a snap. The home screen comprises of New and Noteworthy and What’s Hot Sliders. Browsing through apps is easier with elaborated categories and list of “related” apps provided in app description. Facebook integration in iOS 6 yields an exciting sharing experience on App Store, specifically. For every app you can find friends who have liked the application (or you can be the first one to like!) this makes choosing app easy and efficient. While these facts might be obvious by now one, somewhat hidden trick is that you can even share the application via email and SMS with friends. And not only that, you can copy link to the application and share the link in virtually millions of ways! To do so, simply tap the More Options button on top f every application and explore sharing options for the applications.

3. Post Pictures to Facebook from your Camera Roll, Change directory of images to uploaded and control the audience of your picture

iOS 6 integrates Facebook. Thankfully, the integration is not overwhelming to destroy your privacy and related concerns. iOS lets you post pictures directly from your photo album to Facebook. That means now, there is no need to open the Facebook app and go through several steps of sharing any pic. To share a photo from your album follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Edit” button on top of the camera roll and select pictures you want to share on Facebook.iPhone 5 ios 6
  2. Tap “Share” button on the bottom left of the screen. This will popup window prompting you options to share.  ios 6 iPhone 5
  3. Tap Facebook icon.

Interestingly you can control a lot of things while sharing picture on Facebook. First choosing to add location or not, choosing directory to which you want to upload and by far most important is the audience of picture.

To choose a different directory for uploading picture tap the iOS photos icon appearing under the thumbnail of picture. This will open window enlisting all your albums of Facebook. From here you can change the album to which the picture will be saved.

iPhone 5 ios 6 facebook (8)

To change the audience of picture, tap the globe icon on the button right of the sharing screen. This will popup window enlisting groups and lists you have created on your Facebook.

ios 6 facebook

4. Upload photos from Safari

While most people who have already jailbroken their iOS 5 will not find it a new feature, but for new comers having the upload feature for Safari browser is a relief!! Unfortunately this is limited to photos alone. At present you can only upload pictures to websites via Safari. Earlier in previous releases of iOS the upload button shown on any website was disabled by Safari. However now, any button that enables you to upload file is enabled. Tapping the button will open your photo album. This means you can use web services to upload photos and can be active on photo sharing websites via Safari. Also now you can use multiple Facebook accounts one on Safari and other with the dedicated app with freedom of uploading photos via safari.

iPhone 5 ios 6

5. Access history from back and front buttons of Safari browser

The new safari gets one most wanted feature i.e. history of websites with a single tap! Now by long tapping the forward and back buttons you can popup history of websites you have visited; much in the same way as you do in chrome on desktop.

iPhone 5 ios 6

6. Flagged Email mailbox

iOS 6 integrates VIP mailbox to quickly access emails from important people. But do you know iOS 6 also provides a mailbox for flagged emails? Yes! All the emails you have flagged will be grouped in a separate mailbox (they will appear flagged in mailbox and iOS will create a separate mailbox for flagged emails simultaneously). So if you have flagged a number of important emails to read on the go you do not need to scroll through the entire inbox and look for flagged emails. Simply open the flagged mailbox and read the emails flagged.

iPhone 5 ios 6

7. Readability Button and its details :

A small readability button appears on the URL bar. The button was already available with Readability app however now it has become a permanent feature in Safari. The plug-in converts websites to text-only readable pages. Have a look :

iPhone 5 ios 6


iPhone 5 ios 6

Once you get hold of it, you will find it insanely useful .  The readability plug-in is one reason I don’t use Chrome or any other browser as often as Safari. The readability button allows you to adjust font by the small “AA” button on top left (as indicated in previous screenshot). You can also share the webpage with friends by tapping the “More options” on top left.

iPhone 5 ios 6

The “Done” button takes you back to the web-page view.

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