iOS 5 Testing Started

Over the last few weeks Apple has been testing iOS 5 along with developers on all idevices like the iPhone iPod Touch and iPad . Apps are being tested under close cover and we are expecting to see the release anytime near June this year during Apple Annual Event at WWDC2011 . iOS 5 will have integration of artificial intelligence on it .

iOS 5 download

iOS 5 Pre-Release :

Over time we have seen that one of the most common complaints for iPhone users, is the push notification system, which appears very limited. We have also published several images and videos that showed the concept very interesting but all require substantial changes that did not reflect very much the style of Apple.

iOS 5


As you can see the first screenshot, the application iOS Notifications, collecting all the notifications from various apps running on the device . Once launched, the menu would show the whole list of applications for which we received a notification. We will also have the ability to click each item to run directly on the application and continue reading, rather than responding to a message or start a call. Notifications would then be integrated even in the Fast App Switching, and Lockscreen for immediate access.

iOS 5 firmware

lockscreen ios 5

It ‘s very likely that with iOS 5 Apple will adopt a new system for push notifications. Watch this video and let us know what you think.