iOS 5 to Block SHSH Blobs Restore Method

tiny_umbrella logoiPhone Dev Team informed us that Apple is making changes in iOS 5 which makes downgrading to lower firmware using SHSH Blobs difficult . As you may already know that saving your SHSH Blobs helps you to downgrade when a new firmware don’t work the way you want . It allows you to revert back to older firmware whenever you want using Tinyumbrella.

Starting iOS 5 , the stages of the boot sequence are being refined which is uniquely generated at each and every restore and it doesn’t depend merely on your device ECID and firmware version.

However it will only affect restores starting at iOS 5 and onward . Restoring to pre iOS 5 firmware with saved blobs will still be possible. So from now on you have to stay cautious while upgrading to newer iOS 5 versions as you will not be able to downgrade at your will.

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