iOS 5 Jailbroken with Limera1n Jailbreak Tool

Soon after the announcement of iOS 5 yesterday , developers were able to jailbreak the latest iOS 5 firmware beta version on iPod Touch 4 using GeoHotz popular jailbreak tool Limera1n . Muscle Nerd from Dev Team tweeted their jailbreaking progress yesterday .

jailbreak ios 5-Optimized

The jailbreak is a tethered version , but by the time iOS5 public release is available , we are sure the un-tethered version will be ready for jailbreak users .  iOS 5 ipsw beta version is currently available for developers only which also suport iPhone 3GS.

Note : This jailbreak exploit also supports OTA or Over The Air updates introduced by Apple in iOS 5.

HomeScreen View : Running Reminders and NewsStand – iOS Features

ioS 5 jailbreak limera1n

Terminal View :

ioS 5 jailbreak limera1n

Important : Stay away from any iOS upgrade before futher updates  . Save your SHSH Blobs now via TinyUmbrella .

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