iOS 5.1 IPSW Download

Apple launched the new iPad 3 and released iOS 5.1 firmware for all 4th generation Apple device and few 3rd generation devices (listed below). Follow the tutorial below to download and install iOS 5.1 firmware on your iOS device .

Features :

  1. Japanese language support for Siri
  2. Delete photos from Photostream
  3. Camera shortcut key now always visible on lock screen (image below) . Just hold and slide it up to launch camera app . ios 5.1 download lockscreen
  4. Camera Face detection shows all detected faces
  5. Redesigned Camera app for the iPad
  6. Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers
  7. Audio for television programs and movies on iPad optimized to sound louder
  8. Fixes bugs affecting battery life
  9. Fixes issues that occasionally cause audio to drop for outgoing calls

How to Download iOS 5.1 Firmware :

Method 1 :

Download the ipsw file and install it using iTunes by pressing SHIFT + Update on iTunes and select the downloaded file . All download links below for each individual iOS device supporting iOS 5.1 firmware . Alternatively just place the .ipsw files in the iTunes Firmware Folder . It will auto-detect the files and update using it without downloading from the web (as explained in Method 2 below).

Method 2 :

Direct update via iTunes . On tap panel select Help (as shown in the image below) ans click on Check for Update . iTunes will connect to Apple servers online to check for available updates on your device and prompt you to download and install the update .itunes_update

Method 3 :

After iOS 5.0 all devices were given the capability of OTA or Over The Air update allowing wireless update without using a computer . The downloads are also significantly smaller compared to full firmware file downloads on the computer .

To do the update just go to your homescreen and tap on Settings > General > Software Update . Make sure your device is connected to the internet . Fast wifi connection with internet is recommended .

ios 5.1 ipsw download

( Image above : OTA feature available on iOS 5 and later only )

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