iOS 4.3 Features

iOS 4.3 beta firmware is now available for download . If you have a developers account with Apple , you can download it from here . iOS 4.3 brings essential new features like Portable HotSpot , eliminating the use of MyWi which is a jailbreak app specifically designed for this purpose [i.e. WiFi Tethering] .

ios 4.3Below are few known feature of iOS 4.3 firmware :

  1. Personal HotSpot on GSM iPhone 4 – personal_hotspot_ios_4_3Connect and share internet with 5 different WiFi enabled devices . First introduced for CDMA Iphone 4 , HotSpot feature will also be enabled on GSM iPhones.
  2. AirPlay for third-party apps.
  3. New FaceTime Icon for iPod Touch 4 .
  4. 4 and 5 finger gesture on iPad
  5. New Mute and Lock Rotation option on Side Switch feature of iPad.

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