iOS 4.3 Beta Download – Available

iOS 4.3 beta download has been released by Apple on 12th January 2011. This is a pre-release version of iOS 4.3 for iphone 4 3GS , Ipod Touch 4 3G , Ipad and Apple TV . Iphone 3G and Ipod Touch 2G are not supported. You can download the iOS 4.3 ipsw beta version if you have a valid developers account with Apple [Direct Download Links at the bottom].

iOS-4.3 beta firmware download

iOS 4.3 brings various new features including the Portable HotSpot functionality introduced in Verizon CDMA Iphone 4. I will be writing about the iOS 4.3 features in my next article. Stay tuned .

Update : As promised here is the article about iOS 4.3 features as reported by Iphone Developers who have access to the beta release [ iOS 4.3 Features].

Download :

You can directly download iOS 4.3 beta from Apple Official page for iOS developers here. Public release will be available sometime near January 19th as we published in our last article about iOS 4.3 launch date .

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