iOS 4.3 Brings ASLR – Advanced Security For iPhone

Good news for iPhone Users . Apple has integrated ASLR security into next version of iOS firmware 4.3 . According to the updates received from iPhone Developers who have access to iOS 4.3 beta firmware [available only to users with Developers Account on] , iOS 4.3 will have advanced Address Space Layout Randomization also called ASLR.


Earlier in December 2010 , iphone jailbreak app developer Stefan Essar revealed some information about ASLR technique which he said will be available to jailbreak users on his upcoming jailbreak app AntiDote . However the jailbreak app never came out and we didn’t hear anything from him later on.

About ASLR :

Address space layout randomization or ASLR is a security technique which randomly arranges the position of key data areas (executable , library files, heap, stack) on iPhone’s memory (RAM) . The goal of ASLR is to introduce randomness into addresses used by a given task. This will make a class of exploit (jailbreak) techniques fail. ASLR hinders some types of security attacks (in this case jailbreak exploits) by making it more difficult for an attacker to predict target addresses. DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) have proven themselves to be important and effective counter measures against the types of exploits that we see in the jailbreak community today .

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