iOS 4.3 Battery Drain Problem Fix

Recently some users complained about their devices loosing power after upgrading to iOS 4.3 firmware . PocketLint Blog has figured out that the battery draining issue was due to the new feature added to your device called “Ping” . If you recently updated your iphone ipod touch 4 and ipad to iOS 4.3 , follow the steps below to disable ping and restore the battery standby time .

ipad low battery

Update : iOS 4.3.1 is going to be released in 2 weeks to fix the battery drainage problem along with baseband updates and other patches and bug fixes .

Steps to Disable Ping on iOS 4.3 :

  1. Launch HomeScreen and goto Settings
  2. Under settings Enable Restrictions
  3. Enter 4 digit pass code
  4. Scroll down to Ping and turn it OFF .

To improve battery performance , you can disable GPS and WiFi if you don’t often use it along with other notification services available under Restrictions Menu [image below].

iphone 4 restrictions menu

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