Install SIRI on iPod Touch 4

Installing SIRI on iPod Touch 4 has become easy with Absinthe 2.0.2 jailbreak tool . Follow the steps below and get SIRI on your iPod Touch 4 legally without paying the premium price of an iPhone 4S or pirating any SIRI files , all using SiriPort tweak on Cydia . Follow the exact steps below to get SIRI working on your iPod which is otherwise exclusive to iPhone 4S users only .

Image below : SIRI on iPod Touch 4 . We tried using it , but it doesn’t work as expected all the time . Buts still its pretty cool to have it , for doing things like settings up alarms , emailing , tweeting , calling , messaging and more that we are yet to explore¬† .

ipod touch siri install

Steps to Install SIRI on iPod Touch 4 :

  1. First jailbreak your iPod Touch 4 on iOS 5.1.1
  2. Install Cydia and add the following repository under Sources . Problem adding source , read this
  3. After the repository is added , search SiriPort.
  4. Under results select SiriPort (original) and install it. Dont install any other version or it will conflict with the jailbreak and the iPod will not reboot , while getting stuck at the apple logo
  5. After the SiriPort files are downloaded and installed , reboot the device
  6. Now open Safari and go to the following address . There is no www or http:// in the address url
  7. Add and install the certificate as shown here siriport activation certificate guzzoni ipod
  8. Reboot your device again .
  9. After reboot , go to Settings > General > Enable Siri
  10. Start enjoying SIRI by holding the home button . Siri also comes with dictation . While you tap the Mic icon in the keyword , SIRI will convert any voice message to text . siri dictation on ipod touch 4


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How to Use SIRI :

After SIRI is installed , you have to enable it by going to Settings > General > Siri > Enable . Now come back to homescreen and press and hold the home button. Wait for few seconds , the voice control will be replaced by SIRI icon . Tap on the SIRI mic icon for SIRI to read your voice commands . Cancel anytime by taping on the mic icon. Press home button to go back to homescreen and close SIRI .