SIRI Now Runs on Android – Windows & Mac

iPhone Developers at Applidium have cracked the code to install and run SIRI on non-iOS based devices like Android. They have reverse engineered the protocol which SIRI uses to communicate with Apple Servers and made it work on any platform , like Windows or Mac . According to the developers , SIRI voice recognition software can now be ported to any device and any developer can create an app to make it work .

Update : Proxy Server for SIRI has been created. Read more details can be found here .

SIRI on Android

How it Works ?

Applidium has published a detailed technical explanation on how this works . SIRI Voice Recognition Engine works by communicating with a remote server at on port 443 . This server is named over https. Now by creating a Fake HTTPS server and redirecting it via a Fake DNS server you can send the outgoing SIRI requests to your own server which can then process and reply to SIRI commands to your device.

Now that is not simple because “HTTPS” is a Secure protocol where all traffic between a client and a https server is ciphered and is checked via a certificate to authenticate its validity . To bypass this you have to setup a custom┬áSSL┬ácertification on the device .

install SIRI on Windows Mac LinuxLeaving the technical jargon aside you can expect SIRI on your mobile device and computer very soon . This opens new possibilities to use SIRI which is now exclusively available on iPhone 4S . As Apple limits its software/hardware with its closed-source ideology , Hackers bring in more ways to break free and have proved it again with this latest development .

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest news about SIRI porting on Android and other OS including Windows , Mac and Linux.

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