Install Android on Iphone 3G – How-to Tutorial

Apple iOS is awesome and simply the best operating system running on any mobile device [ currently available on iphone ipod touch and ipad only ]. But recently we have seen a rise in the sales of Android phones all over the world . More and more people are liking this new mobile OS developed by Google .

android_on_iphone_4 screenshot

If you have an iphone 4 , you can try the Android OS on your device without having to buy an Android Phone [ like Samsung Galaxy S – HTC Desire]. There is a new app [BootLace] in Cydia Store that allows you to install and run Android on Jailbroken iPhone . Below are the steps to install iDroid [iOS version of Android] on your iPhone.

Update :

There seems to be some issues with installing Android OS on iOS 4 iphone 4 3GS . We are trying to get in touch with the developer to resolve the problem . However this tutorial hold valid for iPhone 3G . We are also expecting the Android release for iPod Touch 4 in the coming month . I apologise for any inconvenience caused to you .

Steps to install Android on iPhone iOS 4 :

  1. Jailbreak and install Cydia on your iphone [jailbreak iphone 4 4.1 guide here]
  2. Add the following repo in cydia sources : repo cydia
  3. After having the source updated , you can search BootLace inside Cydia using the available search option [in the new added source Neonkoala].
  4. Download BootLace application on your iphone [size – 580 KB] and tap the install button at top right as shown below . Bootlace-App-Details-Cydia bootlace_install
  5. After completing the installation process , return to Cydia and tap the home button to launch homescreen . Here you will see the BootLace icon. Tap to launch it .bootlace_icon_iphone_4
  6. Bootlace will now begin downloading the Kernel and start patching your jailbroken iphone 4. Reboot after the process finishes.
  7. Tap on the BootLace icon again. This time it will show the welcome message . Press ok and select iDroid from the Bootlace App menu as shown below bootlace_menu_select idroid_android_iphone_4
  8. Now tap on Install button to begin the installation of Android on iphone 4 .  This will download android on your phone . Make sure you have unimterrupted wifi internet so that it wont break down in the middle of downloading. andriod_download
  9. Once iDroid has completed installing , tap on OpeniBoot tab and install as shown below .openiboot iphone 4
  10. After having OpeniBoot installed , press configure button on OpeniBoot menu and make your settings as shown in the image below .android_options

That’s pretty much it. I tried to cover the whole process as detailed as possible. If you are still facing any problem installing Android on your device , or some steps needed to be added or changed , please let us know using the comments .

[ Many thanks to iPhone Dev Team for the App ]

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Update :

Here is a video below which shows Android OS running on iPhone 3G .