Chinese Guy Hacks IMSI Code

Last time we posted about a iPhone 4 Unlock Video published on the web from a guy who claims to have unlocked a factory locked Apple iPhone 4 using test sim card . Here is some pictures uploaded by a Chinese guy who claims to have unlocked iPhone 4 using IMSI unlock technique using blank micro sim and other accessories listed below.

imsi iphone 4 unlock

He is using software to hack and overwrite the IMSI values on another sim card which is then used to unlock the factory locked iPhone . It is in a way creating your own custom made Gevey Sim as it uses the same technique in use on Gevey Sim Interposer or Rebel Sim . The guy used China Unicom Sim card for the above hack according to the translated version of his tutorial posted online .

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The above technique may not be  legal and we dont recommend it . The purpose of this article is for information only .