IMEI Locked iPhone – How to Edit IMEI Number

Question Posted by : David

iPhone 4 IMEI code AT&T

I have a IMEI locked iPhone 4 . Will the jailbreak over turn that as I can’t find my orignal sim ? The ex reported my phone as stolen and the network doesn’t wanna help. I am in Australia and it is with the “Optus” network but was bought outright . I just want to know if is possible somebody use my IMEI ? I just call to AT&T and costumer care sad my IMEI got error. I was desperate when I lock my iphone 4. I tried everything and I found a website ,they ask for IMEI number . I put the number there .

Thanks , David

Answer :

AT&T is now officially unlocking iPhone 4 for free those who meed the requirements of the unlock. In this case you do not require to edit or change the IMEI of your iPhone . Just contact AT&T via Phone or Online Chat and get your iPhone unlocked . This may be applicable for other operators outside USA also .

AT&T IMEI Unlock


Question Posted by : Kushal

From : India

Hello, today 16th april 2012, i called up the AT&T service centre. Firstly they asked me my phone number to which my response was “I don’t know what is my phone number” . Then they asked my IMEI number. Then after that, that lady said, i will be getting an email in 5-7 days with instructions.  What does this mean ? Can anybody make me understand what exactly that lady meant .

Answer :

You will get the email instructions to unlock your iPhone which will take few days to process . The email should look like this . After the unlock is complete you will use the iPhone with your Indian carriers like Airtel , Aircel , BSNL , Vodafone and Idea cellular .

ATT-unlock-iphone 4 email

Related Question Posted by : Jamie

To put it short, this is not a stolen or lost iphone 4 , rather I had a iphone 4 that was lost, I reported it missing, then had a replacement from the insurance. 4 weeks later my phone turns up *happy days*. Now the old one is IMEI barred, the insurance company do not want it back as its worthless to them. I know it is “possible”, but How can I Edit the IMEI Number ? So it can be used again? Basically can I use my old Blackberry 9700 IMEI number and transfer that to the old iphone 4? . Any help would be great!

Thanks , Jamie

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Iphone Version : 2G

Question Posted by : Rebecca

From : Australia

Hi I got given an iphone that my friend found at the clubs, Ive reset it and now when i try to make calls it says the handset has been blocked is there any way of changing the IMEI number or something so i can use it ? I’m too cheap to buy my own .

IMEI blocked or SIM locked ?

Iphone Version : 4

Question Posted by : Aleana

From : Sweden

So I bought this iPhone on eBay for a very low price and the owner didn’t know what the problem was on it because he also bought it on eBay. When I put in a card from a carrier the iPhone doesn’t recognize it but then I tried it with almost every carrier and finally with one of them it said no service. So my question is , is it locked or is the imei blocked , also the previous owner had a gevey chip in it.

PS I checked some sites and they all said that the imei was unblocked but I don’t know if I can trust those sites .