Images Leaked – iPhone 5 A6 Processor – NFC – Logic Board – 9 Pin Dock Connector Cable

New Pictures Of Apple iPhone 5 in High Quality have leaked . The enthusiasm that has somewhat dissipated in the lull of the Samsung – Apple court case has resurfaced with a vengeance following the release of high quality photos of the long-awaited iPhone 5. The photos are not only special in themselves for the pure thrill of seeing the new iPhone but are also very exciting because, for the first time, the phone has pictured along side its soon to be predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

iphone 5 images 2012

iphone 5 images 2012

The major difference between the phones can be seen. The screen is only half an inch bigger, but as Apple has used a 3.5-inch screen for the past five years, the new 4-inch screen seems huge. The retina display we have all come to know and love will be going nowhere the pixel density is remaining the same ensuring those crisp clear images will shine through the newly sized screen.

The unidentified chip near the earpiece was rumored to be an NFC chip (near field communication), which would allow contact less transactions, the exchange of data and a simplified set up of the more complex communications, such as WiFi. However, reports by AnandTech and Jim Dalrymple suggest that is not the identity of the mysterious piece of hardware and the iPhone 5 will not support NFC, which is a shame, but as Apple are never too quick to jump on the bandwagon, the delay upping their screen size proving as much, it be interesting to see what they spring on us next .

iphone 5 images 2012


Update :

In the images above , you see the logic board and the 9 pin USB connector cable designed for iPhone 5 .

Apple is expected to announce the release of the iPhone 5 on September 12th with launch in the U.S. coming a mere nine days later. So watch out world the iPhone 5 is coming . Subscribe to get these updates via email .