2012 iMac’s with Fusion Drive DONOT Support BootCamp

Mac users will be delighted with the new iMac Fusion. It’s an American built-to-order 27″ iMac with the option of paying an extra $400 for a 3TB Fusion Drive. However, for those that like to access Windows on occasion or run Windows with Mac hardware, there is disappointment in store. The 3TB Fusion Drive does not support BootCamp. Apple say that “Boot Camp Assistant is not supported at this time on 3TB hard drive configurations“. We can only hope that the words “at this time” means a future update will include the necessary support.

imac 2012 fusion drive problem bootcamp

The 3TB Fusion Drive is not supported because BootCamp only provides support for 2TB or lower. There are some other solutions available, such as Parallel and VM Hardware but these are not ideal as they do not provide the full Windows experience which many Mac users currently enjoy. At the moment, if you want to he full experience you will have to settle for the cheaper smaller iMac Fusion or wait for full support to be enabled.

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