iMacs Now being Assembled in the US

More often than not, when you buy a product these days you will find a label on it that says “Made in China”. Apple have come under fire for their decision to have their products assembled elsewhere, despite the fact that thousands of other companies do the same. However, it has recently come to light that some owners of new iMacs are sporting labels that read “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA“.  This isn’t a new thing though ; reports of American-assembled iMacs go back as far as 2006, although these reports were not for “off-the-shelf” products but those that had been built to order, whereas the latest reports are for brand new models.


The FTC’s official definition states that “A product that includes foreign components may be called assembled in USA without qualification when its assembly take place in the USA”.  So, it would appear that Apple actually are putting their iMacs together somewhere in the US – but where?  Although Foxconn are looking for a suitable site, they haven’t started on building yet so it’s not there, and the Californian Apple plant may not be big enough to produce these devices in such large numbers, although they have had an increase in staff numbers.

iMac 2012 made in usa

What also isn’t too clear is how Apple can possibly hang on to their profit if they really are building in the US and when will they start doing it for their other devices ?