iHelicopter – Mini Drone

Similar to the AR Drone quadricopter , iHelicopter is a real life game for your iPhone . Claiming itself to be the worlds first mobile phone controlled helicopter , it can be used to maneuver the flying machine using the inbuilt Gyroscope on your iPhone and Infrared technology .

mini-iphone-helicopter drone

Compared to AR Drone , iHelicopter is priced much cheap at $79 . Charges quickly through any usb device using Mini USB . We checked the videos and the iPhone control appeared sloppy unlike AR Drone which comes with sophisticated maneuvering technology and front and rear cameras which can stream live video via WiFi . The distance of operation was also limited due to IR control (infrared) as it needs line of sight to transmit signals , but then , what more can you expect from a $79 toy .

Other Features :

  • Light weight metallic body parts
  • Works with iPhone iPod Touch and iPad via accompanying appstore app named i-Helicopter
  • Easy to operate even on slow speeds

Check out the video below :

Where to Buy : You can get iHelicopter from popular online shopping portal Amazon . Here is the product Link

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