Jailbreak App Sent Picture of Thief with Stolen iPhone to Police

Official Apple app “Find My iPhone” has just been updated with several new features, including driving directions to the last known location of a stolen or missing device, although given Apple’s recent history with maps, we’re not sure how much value this actually has.  While it certainly isn’t the best of apps, it does beat having your iPhone stolen with no hope of ever finding it again.  However, the jailbreak team went one step further and are now giving themselves a large pat on the back. Jailbreak app “iGotYa” has just been used to successfully photograph a woman trying to unlock a stolen iPhone with the pass code.

iphone 5 lost found

The iPhone was stolen earlier in December from a nightclub in Brighton, Sussex police are quoted as saying that the app is “rather cool” because it not only snaps a photo but also maps the co-ordinates of the idevice and sends all of the information to the proper owner of the device.

At the moment, although police have the details and know where the photo was taken, thy have not located the woman in the photograph. They are urging anyone who knows her to call them with information, although they do say that they are not sure if she is the thief or not . Unfortunately, the app only works on jailbroken devices so those who have devices that are not or cannot be jailbroken yet, such as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, will not be able to use it. Apps like this make a good case for jailbreaking, as you just cannot get the goodies through official channels.

Source : BBC.co.uk