For many iOS users, the lack of a usable jailbreak means that they are missing out on installing their favorite Cydia tweaks like iFile File Manager. We do have some good news for you, while we wait for news of a jailbreak and that is a new method of installing some jailbreak tweaks, unofficially, onto iOS devices without needing to Download Cydia [ext link] first. It requires the use of Cydia Impactor and, rather than being installed directly on your device, you must side-load it. You can’t do this through the app store so we are going to provide you with all the instructions you need.

Image : iFile Installer

Install iFile : No Jailbreak Method

For this method, you will need:

  • Your iOS device
  • A Mac or Windows PC
  • Apple ID

Image : iFile File Manager Interface

Cydia Impactor uses your Apple ID to digitally sign the iFile certificate [ext link] so, if you are using a regular free Apple ID, the certificate will only be valid for 7 days, after which you must go through the process again. If you have a paid developers ID, you get 12 months before it expires.

  1. Download the iFile .ipa and Cydia Impactor onto your computer [ ext link ]
  2. The instructions on how to use Cydia Impactor [ext link] to side-load iFile onto your iOS device can be found in the linked post. Follow those and then come back to this tutorial 
  3. iFile will now be on your iOS device but you cannot use it until you trust the iFile certificate. To do that, on your device open Settings
  4. Tap on General and then navigate to Profiles & Device Management 
  5. You will see a list of certificates for apps on your device; find and tap on iFile
  6. Tap Trust and then tap it again to confirm you trust the certificate
  7. Come out of Settings and tap on the iFile icon on your home screen; you will find that it launches properly and you can use it to manage your file system 

Because you haven’t used a jailbreak, iFile was not installed using root user access and that means it has been sandboxed. Although you will still have access to your file system, it will be limited and you can also only write to specific folders. That said, you are still getting more access than Apple or any iOS app store app will give you and that alone make it worth downloading.

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