iBaby – Parents are Actually Naming Their Babies after Apple Products

We all get attached to things, its human nature. Some people even get attached to their mobile phones, to the extent that it actually becomes a part of them. That’s ok, in some ways it’s expected but there are a few that are taking things just that little bit further. It has come to light that parents are starting to name their babies after Apple products and services.

baby iphone user

According to Babycentre.com, who publish an annual list of the most popular babies names, 3 Apple-based names have become more popular in the last year, although none of them have made it into the top 100.

First up, and the most obvious one is Apple, showing an increase of 15% on last year.  It’s not new by any means; in 2004 Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, saying she was naming her after the fruit, not the product.  The second most popular of the 3 is for boys and it’s Mac, jumping 12% from 2011.

3rd on the list and, possibly quite surprising is Siri. Now, who would even think about naming their child after a piece of mobile voice software ?  A 5% jump says that clearly some people did, unless of course, they, like the Norwegians love the name because of its meaning – “Beautiful Victory”.

These figures are taken from the records of around 450,000 babies born in 2012 and, if you work those percentages out it seems to be a hot new trend. It doesn’t seem to have caught on for Android products though, but them maybe names like WildFire and Galaxy wouldn’t really catch on very well, unless of course you are one of the elite rich and famous who seem to delight in calling their children by outrageous names.