i.am+ 14 Mega Pixel Camera Accessory for iPhone

28th November saw the official release of the first tech gadget from Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am.  Trading under the name of i.am+ he released his widely talked about 14-megapixel iPhone camera lens attachment at a press conference in London. The iPhone accessory will be available for sale from the 6th December, exclusively at Selfridges. It will come, to start with in a choice of 2 models for the iPhone 4/4s, priced at £199 and £299. Seems to be quite a high price tag when you consider that you can buy an alternative half-decent accessory for a fraction of that price but, from reports coming out of the press conference it would appear that this is more than just a  clip-on lens. Here’s what you will get for your money :

  • Model C.4 will fit both the iPhone 4 and 4s and is the basic, modern model.  It ships with 3 interchangeable lenses – macro, fish-eye and clear glass and also comes with a grip that will make it easier for you to hold and use your iPhone as a point and shoot camera.  It also has a flash module with it and is priced at £199.
  • Model V.4 will also fit the iPhone 4/4s and is the vintage model, styled in white with a gold trim.  It has the same features as the modern model but also contains a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard that syncs to your phone via bluetooth This one is priced at £299.

There will be a camera app available for use with the accessory that will allow you to share your photos on your free i.am+ web account. It has on-screen controls that will allow you to flip between camera modes, apply different filters, control the flash and edit your photos, amongst other features.

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There will be 2 models for the iPhone 5, the V.5 and luxury L.5,  making an appearance next year but as of yet there are no details of price or release date.  However, it is likely to come with a much higher price tag as there is one huge difference between this and the iPhone 4 accessory. Where the current lens attachment makes use of the camera components within the iPhone, the iPhone 5 model will come complete with its own 14-megapixel sensor and a 5x zoom lens along with the flash sensor, completely bypassing the iPhone 5 camera altogether.

YouTube Video :

Only time will tell if this will be a success for the Rap star or not and it remains to be seen how many of them fly off the shelves of Selfridges in the run-up to Christmas but it will be interesting to read the reviews from those who splash out for one.

Source : The Telegraph