How to Use SIRI as Calculator

Got a calculation to work out but don’t to mess around opening up your calculator app Annoyed that your iPad doesn’t even have one ?  Worry no more because Siri is there to help you.  Yes, you can use your intelligent personal assistant as a hands free calculator. Siri will carry out both simple and some of the more complex calculations and uses Wolfram Alpha to find your answers for you.

Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine, as opposed to a search engine. Released in 2009, it searches for and uses structured data to provide you with an actual answer, instead of a list of websites to look at, as the search engines do.

siri calculations

All you need to do is ask Siri your calculation and she will provide you with an answer along with  a number line that shows the entire calculation and any variations.  She can carry out simple addition and subtraction calculations, multiplication and division as well. Simply read your equation to Siri as it is written, i.e. 10+25. Depending on the type of equation the answers may vary a little :

  • For addition and subtraction Siri will provide you with the answer along with the number line showing the workings;
  • For multiplication, especially with larger numbers, you’ll get the answer and a number line showing if there are any repeated multiplications in the equation’
  • For division, Siri will give you the answer, as well as reducing the fraction, providing the answer as a decimal and showing mixed fractions if necessary.

You can come up with any assortment of numbers you want and create some fairly intricate equations, which Siri will normally answer correctly.  However, for some of the more difficult queries she may deviate from the correct order of operations so it may be better to find an alternative method for complex algebra and calculus equations.

Siri is a useful feature on your device, being able to carry out many different types of task. There are probably quite a few consumers out there who haven’t even scratched the surface of her abilities. Using Siri as a calculator is an excellent way of exploring some of her capabilities and will save you time as well.

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