How to Use RecognizeMe – Face Recognition App

As we have posted earlier about the Biometric Facial Recognition app from the jailbreak community that brings Face-Identification to unlock your idevice . This app is compatible to run only on Face-Time enabled devices like iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 [once its jailbroken].

download recognize-me face recognition

Download and Use :

You must have a jailbroken phone to use this device. Follow our How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 tutorial to jailbreak your idevice on the latest firmware iOS 4.3.3 . After you jailbreak and install cydia , tap on search. Now type in “RecognizeMe” in the search box without the quotes and hit search button. In the search results select RecognizeMe and install it . This jailbreak apps is currently available in Bigboss repository for $6.99 .

How to Use RecognizeMe :

  1. After having purchased and installed this app , goto FaceTraining and allow the app to scan your face. recognizeme biometrics-
  2. After face scanning is done , the app will create several FaceSets . It’s recommended you take the Face Training session in various light conditions [low-medium-bright light] recognize me
  3. Now goto Settings and set the threshold to the level of security you want . Current levels are [Not Secure-Barely Secure-Fairy Secure-Very Secure] . face recognition app
  4. We are now all set to use this app. Press yours sleep button and lock your device . Make sure you have passcode lock enabledĀ  . Launch homescreen and the following screen should appear [image below]. Tap on the blank avatar iconĀ  on the right top corner of the screen to bring up the scanner . Face the front facing camera so that it has a clear view of your face.face recognition jailbreak app-

#Tip : Try to use this app only in bright and medium light environment. While using in low light areas it is advisable to use medium level of security [around 50%] to properly recognize your face without throwing an error of failed verification . This can be set in Step 3 as shown above . verification failed

Update : If you are facing problem using the Face Trainer feature and the app is crashing and taking you back to home screen apply the Fix Here . You need to SSH into your device and change certain file permissions to be able to use this app . Hopefully a fix is coming soon .

Please let us know how you liked the app and if there was any problem using it. Leave your comments below . For question , please visit our Forum .

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