How-to Use Gevey Sim ?

We have covered details about Gevey Sim Unlock in our last post . In this post we will explain how you can use Gevey Sim to unlock your iPhone 4 and discuss about the key components of Gevey Sim Package .

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Gevey Sim consists of two parts

  • Micro Sim Interposer – A circuit with the unlock exploit programmed in it .
  • Sim Tray – Which holds the micro sim card along with the sim interposer . This will replace your stock sim tray .

gevey sim instructions

How to use Gevey Sim to unlock iphone 4 :

  1. Buy Genuine Gevey Sim from Amazon
  2. Remove any sim card from your iPhone 4 and go to Settings > General > Network. Turn off 3G data and turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming .cellular data iphone 4 3G
  3. Switch off your iphone 4 and insert the Gevey Sim along with the micro sim card in the sim slot as shown below . insert gevey sim iphone 4
  4. Turn on your Iphone 4 . Accept Welcome Screen as shown below . welcome screen gevey iphone 4
  5. It will now show “No Sim Card Installed” or “No Service” message . Just accept and goto next step.
  6. Wait for 15 seconds for one signal bar to appear and Dial 112 . Make the call and disconnect it after 2 seconds . Dont let it ring at the other end as this will connect to the 24 hr emergency line of your area , usually the police station . dial 112 gevey sim
  7. Now goto Settings and select Airplane Mode On . Wait for No Sim Installed Message . Now turn Airplane Mode Off . no-sim-card-installed-iphone 4 gevey
  8. You will now see a “Sim Failure” message. This is normal . Wait for few seconds for the full network bar to appear . sim failure iphone 4 white
  9. Congratulations . Your favorite device is now unlocked . Use it with any carrier of your choice. The phone will show “iPhone is Activated” . Repeat Steps 3 to 4 if it doesn’t show the network signal bars in your first attempt . You will need to redo the process if the phone looses network at no coverage areas . iphone 4 activated gevey sim

Buy Gevey Sim from reliable Sources . See our list of trusted Gevey Sim Suppliers .

Here is the complete video of the steps explained above – YouTube :

Note : If you find “No Sim Card Installed” message frequently , then its the problem with the Gevey Sim. Stick a tape at the position shown in the image below which is doing a short-circuit with the micro sim metal contacts . After this , the problem should be resolved .

no sim card installed gevey sim

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