How To Use an External GPS Device with Your iPad or iPhone

While many iDevices run on mobile data as well as Wi-Fi, some of the iPads can only access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection.  This is quite limiting to those that want to make use of the Maps App, however, provided your device is jailbroken, you can now use an external GPS device with your iPad.  Here’s how .

Steps to Use External GPS Device to enhance or add GPS Functionality on your iPhone – iPad :

  1. Purchase BTstack from the Big Boss Repository at the Cydia store for $5.  You can get the demo version free but this will only allow you to see if your devices will connect.btstack_gps-Optimized
  2. On your iOS device go to Settings > General and make sure Bluetooth is switched off. The go to the Extensions menu and check BTstack. Make sure there is no check against iOS.btstack gps
  3. If you are using another phone with GPS feature built-in you will need to install a Bluetooth Forwarder, such as Bluetooth GPS, ShareGPS, Network/Bluetooth GPS or Bluetooth GPS Output. Be prepared to try a couple of them before you find one that works for you.
  4. Once the above has been completed or if you are using a standalone GPS unit you will now need to pair the devices. You device will be using the alternative Bluetooth stack at this point so head over to your Springboard and you will see a GPS icon. Click to open it and you will see a screen where devices will be listed.  Provided your device has Bluetooth switched on and in Discovery mode it will be detected. Enter your pass code as you would when pairing any other Bluetooth device.  You will then be taken to the Map screen. android bluetooth screen
  5. Wait for the GPS signal to sort itself out and then you will get a set of co-ordinates.  Once completed, any app that uses location will be able to use the co-ordinates supplied by your GPS device. ipad gps

If it doesn’t work you will need to go through it again with a different GPS device until you find one that works.